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FaceBook Scams – You’re A Winner!

Don’t waste your time!

This can sure be tiring! You can waste your time trying to figure out ‘who’ it is, ‘how’ they found you, and ‘how’ you can stop this. The reality is, you can’t! So don’t bother wasting your time trying to figure it out!

It probably came to you through a FaceBook message. Whatever you do, just don’t FRIEND them or you’ll give them all YOUR friends! True, you can go into your profile and hide all your friends from everyone, but why should you have to?

Follow the tips below to identify them!

Here is the newest money scam to hit my email from Facebook this morning. This one, again, is targeting deaf and hard of hearing Facebookers and others in groups. You might receive a Facebook message that looks like this:

FaceBook Scam Message

How to Identify A
Facebook Scam

  • You are a winner! $150,000
  • Asking for personal information
  • Appears to be a new account
  • No personal information or posts on the Wall
  • Few – if any – friends of their own


Now, follow these steps to get rid of them!

  1. Click on Name link in your message (NOT the email address at the bottom!)
  2. In the left hand column, under the [photo] click on the Report/Block this person
  3. Warn your friends – update your status with Facebook Scam – [name of scammer]


What a scammer profile looks like.

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  1. In my hurry to warn all my Facebook friends, I forgot the last step so here it is:

    Finally, go view your messages (from the HOME page – click on ‘messages’ in the left column)
    Check-mark the spam message in the box, then
    Click on the ‘REPORT SPAM’ button at the top.

    There you go – that should do it for this one!

  2. An additional note: Someone is using LinkedIn connections to follow you through to FaceBook to pursue their scam. In this case they snagged the person’s photo too.

    The sign I missed, because I’d just connected with this individual on LinkedIn, was no Facebook history! I recall thinking it was a little strange they just opened a Facebook account, especially since they had 500+ connections on LinkedIn!

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