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Gendai Reiki - an Overview

Gendai Reiki – an Overview

Two great captioned videos explaining Reiki, the ancient Japanese healing technique. Presented by Kay Lowell, Gendai Reiki Master from San Antonio, Tx. Watch the presentation first and then stick around for the Question/Answer session following the presentation.

Insurance claim denied

Insurance Company Denials: Will They Be The Death of Me?

Insurance companies are systematically getting out of paying for your necessary, life-saving prescription medications and treatment. The Insurance Warrior tells you how they do it, and what you can do about it.

Banner for funding less toxic therapy for children with cancer.

Help Fund Less Toxic Cancer Treatment for Children – Vote Now for the Pepsi Grant

I just recently found out about the Pepsi Refresh Project. Have you heard of it? After looking over this site, I can’t help but wonder what people are thinking? I have a very difficult time internalizing how a Horror Film Festival can be in the same category as children whose last hope is based upon new cancer research, or how saving cats from euthanasia can compete with cleaning up the gulf oil spill.


8-Steps to Safer Water: Spring Clean Your Drug Drawer

Safe disposal of unused and expired pharmaceutical drugs begins at home! Review the 8-Steps to proper disposal, then share the information with others.

Toilet or Trash?

Dumping Your Unused Expired Drugs? Well There Are Rules!

Agencies and businesses we expect to be ‘all knowledgeable’ regarding disposition of controlled substances do not have a handle on this and are letting us down!  You can do your part by following the Federal Government procedure for proper disposal of prescription drugs. 

Detective with Magnifying Glass

LifeLine Screening: How Important is Critical Reading?

  As promised to Joelle M. Reizes, Public Relations Director for LifeLine Screening, in response to my blog post, I once again reviewed information on the internet about LifeLine Screening.  My opinion is basically the same:  you can’t take anything at face value and it pays to investigate as much as you can so you […]

Is Your Prescription Drug on This List?

Is Your Prescription Drug on This List?

As a Wellness Facilitator,  I encourage people to pay attention to their prescription and over-the-counter drugs. I get daily notices in my email from the National Institute of Health and the FDA about food & drug recalls, clinical trials, advances in scientific research, and other helpful information. When I come across something that might be […]