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Goodbye Russell Stover! Deceptive practices strike again!

Goodbye Russell Stover! Deceptive practices strike again!

  Russell Stover, you have left me no choice but to ‘unfriend’ you! Why? Because no friend of mine would deceive me in such a way as you have! My heart is broken and my palate left longing for more. Your visually deceptive packaging tactic has left me in a state of shock and disbelief!  […]

The General Election: Did Your Vote Count?

The General Election: Did Your Vote Count?

In the General Election, did your vote count? Many people don’t bother to vote because they don’t think their vote counts. There was a time I didn’t think my vote counted either, but I made an effort to understand the whole process a little better, and understand now why my vote is important. The process is really quite simple if they leave out the bureaucratic language and get right to the basics. Make your vote count in 2012.

Toilet or Trash?

Dumping Your Unused Expired Drugs? Well There Are Rules!

Agencies and businesses we expect to be ‘all knowledgeable’ regarding disposition of controlled substances do not have a handle on this and are letting us down!  You can do your part by following the Federal Government procedure for proper disposal of prescription drugs. 

Credit Card Readers Dangerous

Credit Card Hacking: 38% Involved Hotel Industry In 2009!

How many little plastic cards with a magnetic strip across the back do you use?  The impact these little cards have on our lives is enormous, so how can we live without them?  These situations might not be new to many of you but I don’t travel all that much so if it happened to […]

Automatic Payment form

Automatic Payments, a Blanket Authorization to Steal Your Money?

When you authorize a company to take money from your bank account automatically, that is exactly what they do!  It doesn’t take long to start pulling that money out, but just try to cancel that authorization!  Everyone tells you that you can stop automatic payment at any time, but have you ever actually tried to […]

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ON GUARD! Be Aware of Your Surroundings!

I pass over many emails arriving in my inbox because there simply isn’t enough time to read them all.  But occasionally, something in the subject line grabs my attention and I’ll pop it open and quickly scan to see if there is something important I should know. When I see the following, I feel as […]

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Home Security… is your alarm system being monitored?

You might want to check your home security company and your monitoring service to make sure your home and family is really as safe as you think they are! In a nutshell, a security company came through our neighborhood in July 2008, one week after a double-murder.  

If at first you don't succeed...

If at first you don’t succeed…

When you have a problem with a company and have to call to get it straightened out, do you have to take a tranquilizer first?  Do you feel like you need to take a class in communications to get your point across?  While you’re on hold are you watching the minutes tick by on the […]

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News Industry Suffering From Social Media

Are social networking sites hurting the news industry? Will you pay for news you don’t use and which news distribution sites do you consider valuable?

Is Your Prescription Drug on This List?

Is Your Prescription Drug on This List?

As a Wellness Facilitator,  I encourage people to pay attention to their prescription and over-the-counter drugs. I get daily notices in my email from the National Institute of Health and the FDA about food & drug recalls, clinical trials, advances in scientific research, and other helpful information. When I come across something that might be […]