Plagued by that Pesky Astromenda Browser Hijacker Malware?

If the Astromenda Browser Hijacker malware has invaded your system, download this checklist to help you get rid of it forever.

4 Levels of Social Engagement to Boost Your Traffic and Influence

If your efforts on social media platforms are falling flat, then it’s time to find out what engagement really is​ and start putting it into practice.  Nothing is going to happen until you take the first step!If your business depends on your online Social Engagement, would you be filing for bankruptcy?  Closing your doors forever? […]

Google Helpouts Streaming Camera

Streaming camera for Google Helpouts! Technology is moving forward so quickly how can I possibly keep up? Hands on video – the newest drop in my inbox!  Can’t wait to see what people are going to do with this! I can’t even begin to tell you the wonders of this thing so I’m just pasting […]

2013 Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Protected: 2013 Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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3 Necessities for Success That Nobody Talks About

3 Necessities for Success That Nobody Talks About

Do you know what the 3 Necessities For Success are?  Most of us know the basic necessities of life, right?  A place to live, clothes on our backs, food in our bellies, love, happiness, passion, and probably a few other terms depending on who is talking about them. Add your 3 Necessities of Success to […]

14 Reasons To Embed Facebook Posts On Your Website

Just read this over on my Facebook timeline – Facebook Embedded Posts – and of course I had to give it a try.  Your first step, of course, would be to read the article on how to embed Facebook posts then figure out how you can use them to benefit your online experience.  That article […]

focus tips direction

4 Focus Tips For Small Business

How do you ‘bite the bullet’ with your business?  What keeps you on task? What tools do you use to follow through and get ‘er done? Learning how to focus on the task at hand may be tough, but it’ll make all the difference in the world in terms of your productivity and the quality […]

Reality Check - wrong way sign.

Reality Check with Mia Davies – Getting It In Perspective!

When was the last time you took stock of your life – your purpose – your goals – your dreams – your process – your thinking or your actions? Is it time to do a reality check with your small business? Time for a Reality Check? Have you ever taken time to examine your actions, […]

Schedule Your Facebook Posts

Facebook Scheduled Posts – Using The Feature To Your Advantage

With our very busy schedules it isn’t easy posting to Facebook or other Social Media sites as often as Social Media gurus say we should! You can work around it a bit.  Start by creating a schedule you can work with: one that works for you, your lifestyle and your business – then stick with […]